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The World Through Your Eyes!

Somehow you make the world look so much more interesting and see things that other people miss! Fantastic photos.
Lisa S

Honest capturing of lives

You have very good eyes for capturing the small and interesting moments, which often go unnoticed. Excellent compositions too. Love your work.
Kevin chung

your photographs

Wonderful. Thank you for your work and I hope to find a book of them so I can see them on paper. Please let me know when you have an exhibition.
pat walters


Beautiful photos Richard.
Dawn M


i love your images and the fact that they are black and white just makes them even better
alex foster

you are genius

what a great and perfect pics you have here. they are abosuletly great. keep it it up Richard
Jonathan Ezeonwurie


I love your true to life, honest look at life and in Mono too. Well done.
kind regards
Mark Harry